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During the early years, even with an increased membership all meetings were held in members' homes on a voluntary basis. It was during a meeting at Horad's home that "Joe D." Saunders introduced his friend and houseguest Foster Kidd, from Dallas, Texas. Kidd was so impressed with the group that he asked permission to form a group in Dallas, to be known as the Pro-Duffers Southwest. His idea met with great success in Dallas. Soon after that, a small group of golfers in Memphis, Tennessee learned about the Pro Duffers in Washington and the expansion in Dallas, and asked permission to form a group called the Pro-Duffers Memphis. C.C. Jones headed the Memphis group. Several years ago, Calvin D. Banks (who had been Secretary in Washington) moved to California. Soon after he settled there, Cal asked and was granted permission to form a group of golfers in that area to be known as the Pro-Duffers West. This brought the count to four Chapters. The Pro-Duffers-West Chapter never got of the ground and eventually faded into the sunset. But, not to worry, other Chapters sprang up and blossomed into strong and viable groups --among them Little Rock, Atlanta, Houston, Del Val and Northern Virginia.
National Beginnings In Washington there was a loose organization (you can interpret loose any way that you like) of golfers called the Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday group.

On any one of these days one would simply show up and they would be assured of a game that involved wagers based purely upon stroke play. On any given day approximately 16 to 24 guys participated in the groups.
Some of these were Milton Bernard, St. Elmo Crawford Sr., Joe D. Saunders, Dino Hall, Tank: Edwards, Floyd Dixon, Harry Martin, Thad Mumford, Billy Polk, John Agard, Van Thompson, John Roxborough, and the list goes on.
Most but not all were Pro-Duffers of Washington. Our group traveled every February to places like Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and finally we settled on Freeport Bahamas. One year Foster Kidd from Dallas attended our stag February event and fell in love with the camaraderie and plain good fun enjoyed by one and all He then brought along his two-man team partner Dan Evans and a slew of good fell as from Dallas, Ike Iglehart, and Howard Aldridge, among others. Annual grudge matches were played and much love was exhibited by all.

From this fellowship was born the idea of a Pro-Duffers Club in Dallas, and by association Memphis. Initially, a group in California was headed by Calvin Banks, the former esteemed secretary of our chapter who asked for and received permission to use our name and logo, much the same as Dallas and Memphis. Foster Kidd petitioned our club, and Joe D. Saunders and Milton Bernard carried the ball in Washington to establish formally a national Pro-Duffers Club. Continue to Page #3

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