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Past National Presidents

The Pro Duffers Golf Club is an organization comprised of multitalented professionals who donate their time, effort and energy to enrich the lives of those served. Each Chapter has the responsibility of community involvement through donations, mentoring, and service with golf as the vehicle. Coordinating this national effort are the upstanding men who have lead the Pro-Duffers organization over the years.  
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foster fidd.jpg
1987 -1989 1992-1994   Foster Kidd                    Dallas Chapter
1986-1987 1989-1992:                                Milton Bernard,                                  Washington Chapter.                                       The First National President. 
2000-2002             Bill Cochran         Little Rock Chapter
2002-2004                   2004-2006,                Thomas H. Sweeney Jr. Dallas Chapter
Kelvin Massey 2019 (002).jpg
2016 - 2018
2018 - 2020       
Kelvin Massey                    Memphis Chapter
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2020 - 2022        
Jim Martin                  Washington Chapter
1994-1996                            Leon Griffin                          Memphis Chapter
1996-1998              Dan Evans    
Dallas Chapter
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 Larry Brown         Memphis Chapter
2006-2008,                    Mel Blackwell,  Washington Chapter
2008-2010                           2010-2012                            Chuck Sradford                   Orlando Chapter
2012 -2014                  2014-2016                        Jerry Woodard       Dallas Chapter
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