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Sewell Horad
Sewell Horad (97 years old), passed Saturday April 13th.  Sewell was the last of the original 9 “Founding Members” of our DC Pro-Duffers Chapter established in 1954 and is the Mother Chapter of Pro-Duffers.  Sewell was also one of 33 “Charter Members” of Pro-Duffers, USA which is our National Organization founded in 1988.  He held multiple offices both in our local chapter and nationally, serving as the DC Chapter’s first President, Chapter Treasurer and National Treasurer. He also was the driving force behind the name “Pro-Duffers.”   Sewell was active throughout his over six-decade leadership of Pro-Duffers as he inducted and mentored countless new members. He continued to attend Chapter events until last year and stayed in close contact with the membership. He now takes his rightful place on the 19th hole with a host of his Pro-Duffer buddies.
Bill Hyde, Bus Rector, Bus Lofton

Dr. William ("Buster") Lofton 95 years old passed away early this morning peacefully in the home of his daughter Robin in Los Angeles, CA.  Dr. Lofton was a second generation obgyn, and was one of two original surviving founding members of the original DC Pro Duffers, and he was my uncle.  Uncle Buster like all the original Pro Duffers was quite a character, a brilliant physician with a keen sense of humor, he put a different dimension to "trash-talking" with Robert Smith, my Dad, Fergie, Sewell, Buster Rector and the others during and after rounds that I remember vividly as a youngster of 9 always looking forward to caddying for my Dad at the early Pro Duffer gatherings and just being around these honorable men because they were so awesome and kind to me.  
Uncle Buster you will be missed. 

Rick Hyde 

milton bernard.jpg

Dr. Milton Bernard: Even though our time on this earth is temporary, if someone does a good job, their work will last forever. We all have flaws but if you live your life in such a way that you’ll be remembered for your kindness, compassion, fairness in character, benevolence, and have a force for good you will gain the respect and admiration we all have for Dr. Milton Bernard. We lost a Pro-Duffers giant on the 15th of December. But the memory of him, what he accomplished as Founder, Chapter President in Washington D.C., and first National President of Pro-Duffers USA, will be everlasting. We of the Pro-Duffers Southwest Chapter salute his passing with our memories of him. Our condolences to his immediate family and all of his Pro-Duffers family. 

Wall of Fame
 Dr. Foster Kidd, Lemuel Osborne Leon Griffin, Dr. Milton Bernard

Mark Browne, Hugh Jackson, Otho Ferguson, Leon Will, Mordecai Johnson

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