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DUE:  July 1st.  GOLFER - $260.00          NON-GOLFER $175.00 

DUE :  August 1st. GOLFER - $332.00     NON-GOLFER  $ 180.00

TOTAL GOLFER: $592.00    TOTAL NON-GOLFER: $355.00


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All hotel reservations are to be made directly with the hotel prior to August 5th, 2022.  We have reserved 40 rooms on September 21st and 106 rooms the nights of September 22nd – 24th. 

First come first serve on the reservations.

Hotel Contact: Jessica McNair 817- 481-8444 
Booking Website for Hotel:

Bayard "Don" Hill (972) 989-6392 Registration Payment
Tom Sweeney (972) 824-1535 Website
Jerry Woodard (214) 534-8122 Registration


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